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Keep on fighting little one!  Hopefully all your dreams will come true :]


Meet 5 year old Adalia Rose

I messaged her mom for permission to share her story, and i’m honored to be able to do it on here. Her story is by far one of the most inspiring I have ever read. She has Progeria, a fatal “rapid aging” disease. That’s not what this is about though. I’m writing this because i’ve never seen so much life in a kid. Just the sound of her voice moved me. My little sister was watching one of her videos and before even looking at the screen, i heard a tiny but motivated voice full of life. When i turned to see who the child was, i saw this adorable girl and fell in love with Adalia. She can do it all! She can dance, make you laugh and she is very loved by her beautiful mother who even shaved her head to make a wig for Adalia. My favorite thing about this family, is that they are persistent. They are handling so many things at once with such happiness. In all the videos I watched, never do they look discouraged or unmotivated about what’s going on. They’ve taken what life’s given them and made the best for her. Adalia’s mother has loved her daughter more than words and truly kept her happy. Seeing all of this moved me to tears. Life gives you things that you don’t intend on getting. Life gives the happiest people the roughest situations, but at the end of the day you can’t lose sight in what’s important. You can’t give up and you’ve got to stay close to the ones you love. Don’t lose your spirits. If they can do it, so can we. So if tomorrow doesn’t go exactly as planned, don’t give up just yet because someone is fighting for their life everyday with high spirits.

You can to.

It is possible to get through ANYTHING with a good attitude!

Adalia dreams of many things that she many not get to do in her lifetime, but that’s where you can help. Donate her so that her family can start making Adalia’s dreams come true:

And if you can’t donate, please reblog this in support of Adalia and her journey. She deserves all the love and respect she can get because of how strong she’s stayed through this all.

Good luck Adalia. Never lose your strength, but most of all never lose your spirit that inspires others everyday.

I love you Adalia :D

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I wouldn’t be sorry either.  Beer crusted pizza = FTW



I love this photo.

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Up and down we go.: Dear Customer who stuck up for his little brother,


you thought I didn’t really notice. But I did. I wanted to high-five you.

Yesterday I had a pair of brothers in my store. One was maybe between 15-17. He was a wrestler at the local high school. Kind of tall, stocky and handsome. He had a younger brother, who was maybe about 10-12 years old. The…

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Are You Dating? When do you plan to get married?

Hi there, so quite a bit of stuff has happened since my last written blog that wasn’t a social comment or an reblog.  My Dad passed away last week and I am currently in California, awaiting my Dad’s funeral and seeing/hanging out with family I haven’t seen in a while.  The weather has been a lot better than what I left behind in Fort Worth but apparently, the last few days over there have also gotten warmer.

Anyhoo…  Since I got here, I have gotten condolences about my father’s passing [that’s normal] and I have also been asked about what I am currently doing with my life.  I respond with, “Oh, I’m joining the Air Force but I am going to go to community college for a semester before taking off to basic and such.”  I usually get, “Oh that’s good!” and then that’s followed by the dreaded questions: “So, are you dating?” and “So when do you plan on getting married?”  Ugh.

Coming from a Mexican family, they [along with family friends] expect a lot from you.  One of these expectations is that at a young age, they expect you to get married.  Grr…  I just don’t see marriage in my cards and I am not big on children.  To even have all that, you have to start at a relationship and I am not in a relationship.  I date people every now and then but I get bored.  The only two people I am into require a long drive if I want to see them in person and one hardly speaks to me while the other had a fallout with me in November.

Peg me as an old maid early on, I don’t care.  At this rate, it seems my sole purpose is to learn and to go wherever the wind takes me.  Do what makes me happy and strive for the long goal of doing something awesome with my life.  This year has been a horrible year and the last few haven’t been the best either so 2012, you’re going to be the best year ever.

OMG!  I looooooove Joseph Gordon-Levitt!


What are you doing New Years Eve? From Zooey Deschanel & HitRECord. Go to HelloGiggles for a fun video surprise!


when you’re waiting for pizza and the doorbell rings


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